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Dulse/Dillisk and Irish Moss/Carrageen Moss Are Available Now !!

dulse and carrageen for sale

Each seaweed product (dulse or Irish moss) is shipped directly to you of the finest quality available. Air dried and cured naturally, using only traditional preservative methods, ensures that all the natural taste and pleasure associated with these luscious seaweeds, is sealed in for your culinary and nutritional pleasure. Each herb contains the maximum content of vitamins and minerals possible. We harvest these seaweeds in late spring to early summer while the plants are still young, which ensures a tender, nutrition packed herb is obtained, therefore, we forgo quantity for quality, and unlike other suppliers we are specialised, offering two sea vegetable products as outlined below.

Sea Vegetables, prices and Quantities Supplied

Remittance for each product can be made in Euros (€)

Dulse/ Dillisk/ Sea Grass

Dulse/Dillisk/Sea Grass (Palmaria palmata)

Per 1/2 lb. or 227 grams


Per lb. or 454 grams


Per 2 lb. or 907 grams



Irish Moss/ Carrageen Moss

Carrageen Moss/Carrageenan (Chondrus crispus)

Per 1/2 lb. or 227 grams


Per lb. or 454 grams


Per 2 lb. or 907 grams


For amounts over and above those listed here, please send all enquiries to irish-moss@mail.com for further reductions in the unit cost price with increasing rate.

There are two methods of payment Available For Purchase:

1: By Printable Order Form

Please fill in the printable order form (obtained at that link) to speed up processing of your order. Please allow 30 days after payment has cleared for delivery.

Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to Patrick Maher and should be forwarded to: Patrick Maher, Tullamore, Ballybunion, Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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2: By Secure Credit Card Transaction

Secure product ordering facilities are available by credit card and can be made through www.paypal.com. Paypal is a third party secure payment service (more information on this service can be obtained from PayPal). Paypal guarantees all transactions up to $100,000. On receipt of your payment, your order will be dispatched the first working day thereafter.

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