Recipes And Dishes

Seaweeds have been used for food and other uses for thousands of years. The earliest known American settlers, used seaweed at least 15,000 years ago according to National Geographic News, and they travelled more than 50 miles inland with these seaweeds. Therefore, it makes sense that we have used seaweed in our diet even before the first reliable documented cases (they had to learn which seaweeds to use and how to cure them correctly for storage and later use).

They knew then as we are begining to know more and more again, about the central role these natural food stuffs play in a healthy life style, both inside the body and outside.

We have included some recipes to get you started, any search in google will reveal thousands of recipes for seaweed, not just dulse or carrageen, but many other seaweeds (all seaweeds are edible, there are no records of seaweed being toxic to humans). Just follow the links below to the delicious world of seaweed foods.

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